I opened Instagram pages in my first year of university. About 40 brand accounts. This made me very tired. When I was in the 2nd grade, I was thinking of starting a cartoon series on Instagram. I just didn't want it to be a cartoon. I wanted to share artistic subjects. Because I was studying graphic design. But drawing is not something I like very much. I was still searching for a name. I thought of the name as "sanatsal" but there was such a name. So I replaced the last letter "a" with "e". And so I replaced the "s" with "z". I found the name. "Sanatzel"

During the same period, I was dealing with different projects and I was doing R&D. I have developed a system that can automatically share using Instagram APIs. Name the page "What is Design?" I put. At 5000 followers, Instagram changed its API and my system was garbage. It didn't work.

Tasarım Nedir? I fell into a void when the account didn't work. So I'm very bored. I was looking for something to do. At that time, I thought of opening an entrepreneurship-oriented account. I used the "zel" suffix in Sanatzel on this page. "Girişimzel" This is how it all started. :)

While I was growing my Instagram account day by day (it was getting 1000 followers in one day), I bought, thinking that the information was insufficient. It was an entrepreneurial venture. But a friend of mine said, "You are not an entrepreneur, you didn't get the training and why are you posting?" he said, and I believed it like a maniac. 🤦‍♂️ I disappeared for 1 month without sharing. When I came back, I started to think that it was really a startup, and I continued.

Girişimzel 1.0 was built on WordPress. WordPress infrastructure was not allowing me to do the things I wanted. It was very constraining to me. Later, after my friend made a bad comment, I coded the site from the beginning. This is how Girişimzel 2.0 was born.

First, I thought that people should add their own content, but from my past experiences, I thought that this feature could be abused, so I brought it to the feature where only the administrator can share.

I shared 700 pieces of content on, but this reduced the quality. I also added a lot of features. This was an extra mistake. I loved the project and wanted it to be my main job.

In 2021, I started 12 startups in 12 months. I ran out of money and couldn't pay for hosting because I was developing non-monetized products in the middle of the year. I couldn't even pay my rent. That's why I couldn't pay for Girişimzel's hosting and the site was closed. The project is not finished! I didn't have money for hosting so the site was closed!

In 2022, I saw the needs of a lot of Girişimzel and this got me very enthusiastic. Now I had the right environment and it was on my hosting. On 23.03.2022, I started to code the site again with a new theme as MVP. But even this MVP was complicated. I gave up a lot of features to make it the simplest. I made it the smallest, cleanest, and highest quality possible.

I debuted on April 1st with Girişimzel 3.0, targeting the global!

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Founder: Uğur KILCI
© 2022 Girişimzel · All rights reserved
Founder: Uğur KILCI
© 2022 Girişimzel · All rights reserved